The Best Of Eric Pickles’ Road Trip

When undergraduates James Johnson and Daniel Falvey went on a trip across the American South they knew just how to have a good time; posing in as many locations possible with Eric Pickles. Here’s our favourites.

1) In Las Vegas

eric pickles las vegas


2) At San Francisco Airport

Erick Pickles San Fran Airport


3) In LA Traffic

Eric in LA traffic


4) In Phoenix

Eric in Phoenix

5) Dreaming Of HS2 In Fort Stockton Texas

Eric Pickles Fort Stockton

6) In San Antonio

Eric Pickles San Antonio


7) In Alabama

Pickles in Alabama

8) In Florida

Pickles in Florida

9) At Fort George Island

Eric Pickles Fort George

10) Speaking at Vero Beach

Pickles at Vero Beach

11) Finally reunited in Westminster

Eric Pickles reunited at Westminster