The Samsung UE49KU6470 is fast becoming a favourite in the mid-range Smart TV market. Retailing at well below £1000, and sometimes as low as £400 if you shop around, this 49” LED TV gives you hyper-controllable 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) resolution, access to a range of catch-up services and the latest in cloud gaming. It comes with both a desktop stand and a mounting kit; its minimalist black surround is less obtrusive than its wide single metal foot, which, at 94cm across, can make it unsuitable for some smaller TV units.


Designed with a clean, less-fuss and more-chic approach, the UE49KU6470 has a height of 71cm or 61.5cm without the base and measures 110cm across. Though slim, the rear aspect of the set protrudes more at the bottom, making some adjustment to the brackets necessary when attaching it to a wall, but at just 14.5kg, it’s easy to manoeuvre and to hang. Its sleek lines and black edging give it an ultra-modern stylish appearance.


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Picture Quality

If you’re upgrading from a standard TV, you’ll be impressed by the picture quality across all programming, but if this isn’t your first HD TV, you may notice it’s not quite cinema-standard for films, which you’d see on some top-of-the-range, premium-priced TVs. This applies to some high-def gaming as well. That aside, with Crystal Colour UHD, High-Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI) incorporated and the approximately 8 million pixels provided with 4K technology, the spectrum of light and shade and that of sharp and soft focus gives images a more real-world appearance than you’d find in a TV without these features. Like Samsung’s entire range of TV’s from 2016, 3D isn’t supported, but you wouldn’t expect it to be in this price range – and in any case this fad is starting to die down, with television producers shying away from it more and more.

Under Samsung’s picture quality rating, effectively relating to the image refresh rate, the UE49KU6470 comes in at 1500PQI, putting it just inside the top bracket and making it ideal for viewing fast-moving images, such as sports or action films.


With twin stereo 10W speakers, the audio range is great for normal dialogue levels in an average-sized room, but lacks the output capability to reach the mid-frequencies necessary to match the bass in louder gaming sequences, for example, or to view live music. An additional boost such as a soundbar or any external higher-specification speaker system would solve this minor problem. However, a cursory glance at any thorough Samsung UE49KU6470 review will confirm that it’s still more than good enough to be competitive against similarly priced TVs.

Smart TV Features

UE49KU6470 smart tv screenshot

Working on the Tizen OS, the Samsung UE49KU6470’s Smart features are impressively responsive and intuitively user-friendly, connecting via Ethernet or through Wi-Fi. They include built-in apps, such as perennial favourites like Netflix, YouTube etc., cloud gaming, which effectively turns your TV into a console, and the widest range of catch-up programming currently available. Picture In Picture (PIP) technology allows you to see two sources at once; for example, you can watch a TV programme and your Bluetooth-connected laptop or phone, although PIP doesn’t allow you to watch two different shows at the same time, but who would want to? Live pause and rewind means never having to miss any of your favourite programmes while you nip out to put the kettle on or to answer a knock at the door.

Other Points

One of the Samsung UE49KU6470’s clear selling points is its built-in Freeview HD service. Without requiring you to sign up to a subscription or incurring any one-off fees, this gives you access to approximately 50 TV channels and half as many radio stations. You have the options of using SCART cables and there are three HDMI inputs, allowing you full HD capabilities from external sources, such as DVD recorders, digital TV hubs or games consoles, providing you choose high-quality cables. Energy consumption is relatively low, due to LED technology, making it one of the greener and more economical options around at the moment, with an impressive energy efficiency rating of A.


As you’d expect to find when assessing any product, a Samsung UE49KU6470 review must contain a broad spectrum of points, good bad and hovering in between, but it has to be said that this TV has many more good points than bad or average ones. Even without considering its moderate price, its excellent picture quality and wide range of Smart features make it very attractive for the typical user, who’ll probably watch live TV, streaming sites and externally sourced content on a regular basis. With its relatively low price-range factored in, it is undoubtedly one of the best-value options on the Ultra HD 4K HDR LED Smart TV market.

Not a bad deal
Good value
Great brand
Solid 4k picture
Screen is good, but lacks true cinematic quality when watching movies