Rod Liddle’s Spectator Blog Gets Pretty Racist

Rod Liddle Call My Bluff

True or False. Rod Liddle is a bit racist?

Growing up I knew Rod Liddle as the Team Captain on BBC’s comforting mid day panel show Call My Bluff. In my teens I found out the terrible truth about the casual phobias and isms that he had no problem spewing. It was like finding out Watercolour Challenge’s Hannah Gordon was a racist and not afraid to let people know.

Yesterday he surpassed himself though by writing a blog for The Spectator on the Woolwich attack. In his opinion:

Two black savages hacked a man to death while shouting Allahu Akbar; that’s really all you need to know, isn’t it?

Well we might want to know a little more Rod otherwise we might, you know, end up stereotyping.

He was a bit shocked by the outrage by the reaction he got on Twitter so decided to remove the word, saying:

To avoid the ludicrous phrase ‘men of Muslim appearance’ I originally used the word ‘black’ to describe the appearance of the knifemen. If anyone took that wrong way, I’m very sorry.

Ah yes that awkward moment when you try to avoid a non-PC term and end up blurting our “black savages”. We’ve all been there.

The Spectator website says its only editorial policy is “originality of thought and elegance of expression”. Well Rod’s certainly shown he hasn’t got the latter, but what about the former. Well take a look at this example from his blog:

Rod Liddle Own Jones


Yes that’s right. He wrote a whole blog on hearing, because his friend had called him up, that Owen Jones had appeared on Prime Time TV to millions of people the night before. He managed to stretch it out to a full blog before concluding “Was this pig-ignorant idiot really as annoying as he found?”.  He is paid to write such original thought.