Nigel Farage Hits Back at Ken Clarke’s Racist Clown Comments

Nigel Farage has got a big problem – his supporters. While he comes across as reasonable many support him because they suspect, in a nudge and wink sort of way, that he is really a racist and homophobe under the surface. He isn’t, but if you go trying to court a membership of angry pub philosophers you’re going to find yourself with candidates like Dr Julia Gasper who played up the link between homosexuality and paedophilia and give Ken Clarke, who can’t even stand the right of his own party, some low hanging fruit.

Farage responded this morning in a reasonable and measured way:

“They know that the British public are genuinely concerned about opening up the door to Bulgaria and Romania next year.

“They are concerned because we have a million youngsters unemployed, we have wages being driven down and I am afraid a crime wave in London being caused by Romanians already.

“These are tough subjects to talk about.

“All we are doing is talking the truth.

“There is nothing in Ukip that is racist in any way at all and Ken Clarke knows it.

“If he throws this abuse out, we will start having a proper debate.”

The problem is a survey by Evans and Goodwin has suggested that almost a fifth of UKIP voters do not see non-white people as British, which puts them firmly in the racist clowns camp.

N.B. We’d like to point out that we’re in no way implying that clowns are racist, apart from Mike Hayhaw, who last year was dropped from a Californian Rodeo after making a racist joke about Michelle Obama. “We probably won’t be using his services in the future” said the Rodeo board.

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