New Year’s Honours 2014 Crony List

Labour MP John Mann has lambasted the 2014 New Years Honour List saying:

This is the worst kind of cronyism. It brings the whole of the honours system into disrepute. Honours should be for the people not for party polities and their supporters.

So is he right? Here’s a run down of this year’s crony list.

1) Karen Brady CBE

karen brady

She’s been fighting off Tory attempts to persuade her to fight for a seat at the next election. I always preferred Margaret.

2) Sir Alan Parker

He’s Chairman of the Brunswick PR firm and has holidayed with Cameron (who was made guest of honour at his 50th birthday). Gordon Brown is godfather to his son.

3) Marion Dowdings OBE

Chairman of Cameron’s local Conservative party.

4) Simon Mort OBE

President of Oxford West tories.

5) Peter Emerson Jones OBE

Gave more than 35 grand to George Osborne’s local party through his company. Osborne has said

OBEs are awarded free of political interference. Expert committees chaired by non-civil servants take their recommendations to the main honours committee and agree a final list of recommendations to the Queen. To suggest anything else is fanciful.

6) Lady Patricia Hobson OBE

Gave 39 grand to the Hendon tories.

7) Sir Julian Seymour and Sir Mark Worthington

Former aides to Margaret Thatcher.

8) Emma Pidding CBE

Emma Pidding

Chairman of National Conservative Convention.

9) Sir Peter Luff

Tory MP who has been accused of expenses irregularities (including three toilet seats).