MPs Energy Expenses: Number Crunching Who Has Been At The Trough

Nadhim Zahawi

‘Let’s put another bar on’ – Top Claimer: Millionaire Nadim Zahawi

Argghhh! It’s quite amazing that only a few years after the expenses scandal MPs haven’t wised up as official figures show them charging over £190,000 in energy bills to the public purse over a 12 month period.

Here’s a quick number crunch of how much each party has claimed.


  • 140 MPs claimed, 165 did not
  • Total claimed was £92,901.57
  • Top claim was Nadim Zahawi for £5,822.27


  • 156 MPs claimed, 101 did not
  • Total claimed was £87,392.68
  • Top claimer was Peter Hain for £4,571.74

Lib Dems:

  • 31 MPs claimed, 26 did not
  • Total claimed was £8,789.54
  • Top claim was Sir Nick Harvey for £741.00


  • 14 MPs claimed, 16 did not
  • Total claimed was 5,921.77
  • Top claim was Nigel Dodds for £990.67

John Bercow didn’t claim (which is very lucky for him given how much he cites the perception of the British public when telling MPs to shut up).

Ed Miliband claimed £403 and Nick Clegg claimed £204. Cameron didn’t but that’s because Downing Street comes ‘bills included’.

So who is Nadim Zahawi and how did he manage to run up a 5 grand energy bill you ask? Well, he’s a millionaire friend of David Cameron who sees nothing excessive or potentially politically dangerous about heating his 31 acre property at the state’s expense. He made his money from founding leading polling company YouGov, though seemingly has no feel himself for what the public mood would be on issues like this.

Alan Duncan is also worthy of note. During the last expenses scandal he was filmed saying MPs are treated like shit and given all the flagellation that was going on in 2009 you might, just might, have been able to see why he was feeling that way. Well, he’s claimed 4 grand this time round to heat his million pound property.

Trick me once, shame on you, trick me twice, time to exercise the power of recall.