Greg Mulholland MP Calls Tweeter “Little Shit” over Gay Marriage

Greg Mulholland, the Liberal Democrat MP for Leeds North West, voted for the Equal Marriage Bill on Monday, but not until he’d done a bit of dithering on the issue. Have a look at the leaflet below from Jake Johnstone (check him out on Twitter):

Greg Mulholland leaflet


Jonathan Pryor, a student at Leeds, didn’t take too kindly to this rhetoric especially as it was translated in Parliament by the MP not being as supportive of the bill as he could have been (he abstained and voted for the obvious wrecking amendment). Letting him know this on Twitter, the reaction he got from the Leeds MP was less than polite.

Greg Mulholland Jonathan Pryor tweet

We especially like the truth hash tag to prove his argument


Greg Mulholland had time to reflect on the issue, and then decided he was absolutely right to swear at a Jonathan for pointing out his own voting record.

Greg Mulholland second tweet


Greg’s website homepage opens with the line:

Greg Mulholland is a different kind of MP, answerable to local people and not to bosses in Westminster.

Here’s a suggested tweet for Mr Mulholland – “I shouldn’t have called myself “answerable to local people”, that was wrong whether I am or not. The rest, true.”