Daily Mail Guidance To Staff In The 1960s

Below is a memo to the staff of The Mail sent in the 1960s by the then editor Mike Randall. How times have changed.


daily mail guidelines1


Randall was appointed editor of The Mail in 1963 and tried to appeal to younger liberal readers. He lasted 3 years.


Since I became the editor I have many times made clear my views on the standards of journalism by all those who value the good name of the Daily Mail. These are summarised here for your guidance :-

1. No member of the staff intrudes or is called on to intrude into private lives where no public interest is involved.

2. No ordinary member of the public is lured, coerced or in any way pressed by a Daily Mail representative into giving an interview or picture which he is clearly unwilling to give.

3. It remains our duty at all times to expose the fraud and reveal the mountebank wherever public interest is involved.

4. In the reporting of Divorce Cases we use our own and not the Judge’s discretion. We give details only where the case and the summing up are of valid legal or public interest. We do not at at any time carry reports which merely hold either party up to ridicule or reveal aspects of their private lives which cannot be any concern of the public.

5. No member of the Daily Mail invents quotes or uses subterfuge to obtain quotes.

6. We are not in business to suppress news. Where anybody is guilty of withholding information that ought to be made public we use every legitimate method to give our readers that information.

7. Daily Mail staff do not allow themselves to be used as vehicles for the promotion of publicity stunts which have no legitimate news value.

8. Anyone who works for the Daily Mail should be a watchdog of our standards and a person who commands public respect.