Boris Johnson vs David Cameron: Andy Coulson Sheds Some Light

Boris Johnson

There are few people closer to David Cameron than (alleged) arch evil phone hacker Andy Coulson. So when he gives an interview mentioning the state of the Boris/Cameron relationship you know that a) he knows that he’s talking about and b) it will have more than a pinch of bias towards Cameron.

Asked about whether Boris would want to commit regicide on Cameron he said:

Stabbing David, or anyone else for that matter, in the back would be distinctly off brand, just not very Boris….He would much prefer to see David fail miserably in the election and ride in on his bike to save party and country.

And how does Cameron feel about this

…when Boris asked me to pass on the message that he was keen to stand as mayor of London, David responded, ‘Well, if he wins, he’ll want my job next’. If proof were needed that our PM is a man untroubled by self-doubt, it came in his next sentence: ‘So I think he’ll be a bloody brilliant candidate for us’.

You see the Tories just want everyone to be the best they can be as we’d always suspected. Unlike that Labour lot who Coulson points out are basically at each other’s throats.

I’m struck by how detached the Opposition front bench appears to be from their leader…I just don’t think they rate him very much. And if they don’t, there’s a good chance the public will feel the same way once they get to know him properly.

Good job Cameron is so attached to his back bench.