Boris Johnson Trolls Nick Clegg…Again


Courtesy of Matt Brown

Fresh from being labelled an ‘idiot’ by Alan Sugar, Nick Clegg has come under more vitriolic abuse, this time from Boris Johnson. The Mayor was talking to journalists at Westminster and had this to say about the deputy PM:

He is a lapdog of David Cameron who has been converted by taxidermy into a kind of protective shield…Like the Emperor Valerian who was skinned and hung on the wall, that’s what he reminds me of.

It’s hard to think that Nick Clegg’s recent comments about Johnson’s “unpleasant elitism” and his ongoing references to his laziness haven’t contributed to this outburst.

Boris also went on to declare he would not be standing as an MP at the 2015 election, but was more ambiguous about a return in 2016 when his time as Mayor comes to an end:

After two and a half years of being mayor, who knows.

His likely plan is to muscle his way into Parliament via a by election sometime during the next electoral term – a certain headache for whoever is heading up the Tory party at that time.