There are few things in life as disappointing as a bad shower, but whether you rent or own your home you don’t have to put up with it. A decent shower head can make all the difference, improving the quality of your shower as well as saving on water consumption – reducing your bills at the same time.

There are shower heads with different settings, transforming the type of shower you can have at the flick of a switch, while stonestream style shower heads run the water through different materials filtering and purifiying the water you wash in.

To help you pick we have collected a range of different handheld and fixed shower heads that range from budget to luxury options.

Best handheld shower heads

Triton 5 Position Shower Head – Best shower head for low water pressure

Triton 5 position shower headThis shower head from Triton has 5 different modes – from a light rain-like drizzle to a focused, more massage style jet – to allow you to select the type of shower that suits you. The lever for selecting the style works well and feels robust, so you don’t have to worry about overusing it.

Triton shower positions

The head is made from plastic, which may seem like a downside at first, but will help it resist the effects of limescale if you live in a hard water area. You can also pop the front of the shower head off to make it easy to clear away any calcification. The plastic does mean you have to be careful to avoid any scuffing, but if you mainly use the shower in a fixed position that won’t be much of a concern.

It uses the regular 1/2 inch shower hose connection so just needs to be screwed onto any normal hose, but it also has a slightly smaller than average diameter which helps increase the water pressure of the water leaving the shower – ideal if you have low water pressure from a gravity fed system.

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KES P150 shower head – Best for stylish bathrooms

KES P150 shower headIf you’ve got a minimalist bathroom and you’ve struggled to find a shower head to fit your fixtures, this smart shower head from KES might just be the one. Made from stainless steel, the straight rod design looks fantastic and is compatible with the standard connection so will easily fit into any bathroom.

The nozzles themselves are made from rubber so you can rub them while you clean, dislodging limescale build up and preventing the shower head getting clogged.

The profile of the head inevitably means the spray is quite narrow so this head won’t be to everyone’s liking. However, the narrow shape of the nozzle means that if you have low water pressure it still will provide a spray rather than a drizzle, as it may with larger shower heads.

If you’re also looking for a matching shower hose you can buy a 1.5m hose.

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IceMoon Colour Changing LED Shower Head – Best for psychedelic bathrooms

IceMoon colour changing shower headIf you’re looking for a conversation piece for your bathroom could you do better than a colour changing shower head? This shower head from IceMoon includes built in LEDs to change the colour of the shower head according to the temperature of the water running through it.

This means you don’t have to stick your hand in to test the temperature or a risk a nasty shock by jumping straight in. The head is lit blue if the water is 25oC or under, green if between 26 and 35oC and red if 36-45oC. If over 46oC it flashes blue and red to warn you that it is at scalding temperature.

It doesn’t need batteries or to be plugged in as it uses a turbine within the head to generate its own electricity, so you don’t have to worry about a tricky installation or electrocuting yourself when you shower.

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Rusee Filtration Ionic Filter Shower Head – Best stonestream head for skin care and water consumption

Rusee filtration shower headThis shower head promises a spa experience, increasing your water pressure and improving the quality of your skin and all for around £5! Is it too good to be true?

Well for some the claims yes, it won’t improve your water pressure by 200% as the manufacturer claims, but we did find it to make a decent improvement on a regular shower head. This is thanks to the extra small holes on the head of the shower, forcing the same amount of water into small strong jets.

The claims to improve your skin and hair also seem a bit grand (especially those about reducing hair loss) and while we can’t definitively claim it won’t do any of those things, it probably can’t make anything any worse either. Either way, the effect is produced by the “bioactive mineral stones” in the shower handle are used to filter the water as it passes through.

We’re sceptical about some of the claims of this showerhead, but when it comes down to it the improvement in water pressure alone seems like a great deal for the low price. Any potential improvement from the water filter would just be a bonus on what is already a great value shower head as it is.

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Best fixed shower heads

KES J201 8-Inch Drenching Rainfall Shower Head – Best for hotel luxury

KES J201 shower headIf you have a fixed shower set up and want a hotel style rainfall shower this head from KES is an excellent choice. We’ve picked the 8-inch version for value but it is also available in a 10-inch version for extra luxury.

The face of the head is made from engineered plastic with a chrome finish, with a stainless steel back cover. This looks perfectly at home among other metal fixtures, but it also includes rubber nozzles on the face so it is easy to clean and dislodge any limescale build-up you may get in hard water areas.

It also has a metal ball connector to allow you to adjust the shower head so you won’t be stuck with using it from one angle.

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KES J333 4-Inch Five Function Shower Head – Best for fixed multiple functions

KES J333 shower headIf you’d rather have a fixed shower head that offers different modes rather than just a rainfall setting the J333 is a great choice. It’s a lot smaller than the J201, but it makes up for it with 5 different spray functions ranging from a light spray to intense jets.

You can switch between the modes using the lever on the head itself and this feels sturdy enough to regularly use.

The face is plastic with the same rubber nozzles as the J201 so it just as easy to clean and avoid limescale build-up. It also has a stainless steel back cover and metal ball connector for adjusting the angle of the shower. It also uses the standard 1/2 connector so will be easy to fit in standard set-ups.

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