An air bed is one of those useful things to have around: it can be a comfortable mattress for a camping trip or temporary bedding at home for a guest. There are many different air beds available, ranging from feature-packed expensive options to cheap, basic models with many in between.

All air beds are inflated through a valve and can be deflated and folded for easy storage. Some beds have built-in pumps while others can be inflated by mouth or with an external (manual or powered) pump. Other possible features include flocking, which adds comfort and helps keep sheets in place on top of the mattress, a pillowed end, and designs that mimic the coiling in spring-interior mattresses. Many brands have offerings in single-, double- and king-sizes.

Best Air Beds

Milestone Camping Air Bed

milestone bed

Manufactured from heavy-duty PVC, the Milestone Camping Bed is suitable for both camping and temporary use indoors. The top has a flocked surface and a ‘vinyl beam’ construction that is designed to maintain the bed’s firmness and shape when inflated. Weighing about 2 kilos, the inflated size is 191cm x 73cm with a thickness of 22cm. It is inflated and deflated via a single safety valve but buyers will need to have a pump (not included) to fill it with air. This is a basic offering at a budget price but fit-for-purpose. The Milestone Bed is also available in a double size.

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Bestway ‘Comfort’ Air Bed

bestway bed

The Bestway ‘Comfort’ Bed is available in single, double, queen and king sizes. The single size measures 185cm x 76cm and is 22cm deep when inflated. Made of vinyl with a flocked top-surface, the bed folds and packs down easily when deflated. Reviews are generally favourable and highlight the bed’s durability; the coil-beam construction offers some stability during sleep. Usefully, the package includes a puncture-patch but a pump will need to be purchased separately. This is another value-for-money bed that can solve temporary mattress needs, both indoors and outdoors.

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Coleman Comfort Air Bed

coleman bed

The Coleman brand is synonymous with camping and the outdoors and this is a sturdy, better-quality air bed. When inflated, the Coleman single bed measures a good-sized 188cm x82 cm and is 22cm deep and, according to the manufacturer, will support 148kg. Manufactured from strong multi-layer vinyl, reviewers are happy with its durability. Coleman claims a leak-free, double-lock valve that facilitates easy inflation and deflation. The single-size bed weighs 2 kilos and a double-sized model is also available. No pump is provided but the offering includes a carrying bag and a puncture repair kit. A solid product at very reasonable price.

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Amazon Basics ‘Pillow Rest’ Air Bed with Built-in Air Pump

amazon basics air bed

In common with other products in the Amazon Basics range, this air bed is a great-value offering. It features sound construction, an integrated pillow and a built-in electrical air-pump that can inflate the bed in less than four minutes. It is manufactured from PVC with a viscose top and flocking. It is delivered with a repair patch and travel bag. We like the extra-thickness (43cm) and overall size of the single bed (191cm x 97cm). A double-bed model, measuring 203cm x 150cm x 46cm, is also available. Because of its larger size and the necessity of a mains connection for the pump, we feel the Amazon Basics ‘Pillow Rest’ bed is better-suited for overnight house guests rather than camping, but it is well worth consideration for any temporary accommodation purpose.

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Bestway ‘Restaira’ Air Bed with Built-in Air Pump and Pillow

bestway Restaira

Another offering from the Bestway brand, the Restaira gains great reviews for comfort. It features coil-beam construction for stability during sleep, with a pillowed-end providing head and neck support, and a built-in electrical air-pump that can inflate the single-bed in about two and a half minutes. The Restaira is manufactured from heavy-grade vinyl and the top surface is flocked. The single-size measures 191cm x 97cm and it is 38cm high when filled with air; a queen-size model (that takes about four minutes to inflate) is also available. A heavy-duty repair patch and carrying bag are shipped with Restaira beds.

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The Body Source Premium Air Bed

This is a high-quality air bed with a built-in pillow and an electric air pump that can fully inflate the bed in one-and-a-half minutes. A second air valve is fitted to allow ‘non-electric’ inflation and deflation where an electrical supply is not available. It is manufactured from a thick, puncture-resistant, 15-gauge material and its construction features 21 ‘air coils’ for firmness and stability; the top surface is flocked for additional insulation and comfort. This single bed measures 187cm x 91cm x 46cm when inflated and a double size is also available. A heavy-duty repair patch is included with the shipment. The reviews are overwhelmingly positive for quality, durability and comfort, and this bed is well-deserving of a place on our list.

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