A set of well-priced wireless running headphones that do a decent job of holding on to your head, but the sound quality is a little disappointing.

Avanca D1 Sports Headset review

Finding a decent pair of running headphones isn’t easy. I’ve always assumed in-ear headphones fit some people but no matter what the size of the buds they won’t stay in my ears even without the added complication of jogging movement.

Avanca D1 Sports headphonesThe Avanca D1 was a pleasant surprise in terms of staying in place on my head even while running, although the sound quality didn’t quite hit the same high notes.

Sound Quality

Unfortunately, sound quality isn’t the best. We found there is a noticable background hiss and while it would be easy to miss while you are out pounding the pavement, it is there nonetheless.

Bass is also lacking, as it tends to be with many bud earphones, which makes them feel like they lack a bit of heft. The high and mid-range fare better but they do still lack a bit of clarity with instruments occasionally blending together.

Ease of use

As well as Bluetooth for connecting to devices it includes NFC for quick pairing – although we couldn’t get this to work at first and resorted to the normal Bluetooth pairing option. Each side of the headset includes a set of controls for either skipping forward and back between tracks or volume controls.


The best part of this headset is the shape of the headset. By using a flexible cord between the buds the headset can wrap around your head as well as provide just enough pressure to keep the buds in place. It’s a good solution for a pair of running headphones, particularly if you find bud earphones easily fall out of your ears or you find clips around your ears uncomfortable.

D1 Sports headsetBattery life

Battery life isn’t spectacular but it is more than comparable with similarly sized earphones. It will provide 6 hours of music playback between charges or 8 hours use as a handsfree headset.


Originally priced around the £50 mark you can pick them up for closer to £40 making them an attractive budget option. There are many similar priced options and, if the sports element isn’t important to you we would strongly recommend considering the Brainwavz BLU-100 wireless earphones as not only a cheaper option but one that offers better sound quality.


Overall if quality isn’t the most important factor and you just want something to give you a bit of music to run along to you could do a lot worse than the Avanca D1 Sports headset. That said there are similarly priced options that offer better sound quality.

Sound quality lets these well designed earphones down
Hold in place well
Reasonably priced
Disappointing sound quality